Private Cloud Management

Get ll the benefits of a private cloud computing solution

Private Cloud Management

IT Connect can help tap into the benefits of a private cloud computing solution.

Known for their exclusivity, private cloud platforms are limited to single users. A dedicated server is assigned to secure your data. These cloud solutions are particularly beneficial for organizations handling sensitive data and having stringent security protocols in place. These cloud services can be hosted on-site as well as off-site at a remote data center.

Private cloud computing solution include:

Private Cloud Service Provider

Improved Agility

Our managed cloud services for private cloud users are designed to deliver faster results by enabling easy access to infrastructure when required.

Enhanced Security and Performance

One of the primary benefits of this cloud computing service is the enhanced security and superior performance that comes with a dedicated network. Our certified cloud experts can help you harness these benefits to ensure continued protection of your digital assets.


We provide managed cloud services tailored to your business requirements. This enables greater flexibility in scaling up and utilizing information technology components that improve business performance.

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ITCONNECT TECHNOLOGIES - FZCO incorporated in the heart of Middle East IT Hub, Dubai, in 2016 provides end-to-end Managed IT services and solutions, be it to support your Cloud Infrastructure or Patching your Network.

ITCONNECT is a staunch advocate of Open Source. Promoting, supporting and educating the use of Open Source Technologies and Products in the UAE region is one of the founding aims of the company.

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