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Content Management System (CMS)

Creating digital experiences that are personal, adaptive & relevant

Are you looking for easy handling of the content on your website? Various CMS website development services offer content management systems to run their websites as a personalized web application. ITConnect surpasses them by providing enhanced support for CMS with:

• Tailored CMS pricing packages to help you start a project that suits your budget
• Various CMS product cloud integration including transactional, Ecommerce and content-based CMS
• A team of CMS web developers and SEO experts able to provide reliable and scalable services for higher ROI.

ITConnect Content Management System CMS Services Dubai UAE


Creating digital experiences

We help enterprises create solid strategy taking into account both financial and brand perception goals that is perfectly aligned with your business needs and future expectations. We also provide consulting assistance to help them choose the best platforms with our years of experience in CMS landscape.

  • Understanding your requirements and end-users
  • Choosing right technology and framework
  • Supervise on technical aspects
  • Streamlined and smooth workflow management
  • Custom development
  • Providing user friendly interface
  • Excellent user experience

We help enterprises implement best-of-the-breed systems and platforms leveraging our proven expertise in requirement definition, implementation and system design as well as utilizing agile approach to ensure there are minimum risks and optimized TCOs.

  • Innovative and excellent design
  • Plan, architect, design and implement
  • End-to-end development of implementation architecture
  • Cloud hosting services
  • Easily modifiable and editable
  • Data analysis
  • Data integration
  • Comprehensive configuration and testing

We help enterprises make the most of their investment by providing customization support to match with their specific requirements. Our experienced teams of certified developers utilize different technologies to create top-notch custom modules, widgets, themes and more for your CMS.

  • Identify and understand unique requirements and develop accordingly
  • Custom theme designing, page grouping, sequencing and media engagement
  • User friendly design that simplifies content management
  • Implementation and development of appropriate and relevant features
  • Appropriate and required security features

We help integrate your existing CMS solutions with a wide range of systems and tools to synchronize information and processes from these systems together and maximize the value addition.

  • Multilingual CMS to achieve maximum flexibility
  • Payment Gateway integration skillfully and securely
  • Shopping cart integration
  • Third-party application integration – Salesforce, CRM, ERP, etc.,
  • Search configuration and integration

We provide assistance to help enterprises migrate their existing CMS architecture ensuring fast turnaround and painless transition. With our hassle-free CMS migration services, we can handle both small and bulk migration of data with streams of processes and dependencies.

  • Restructure roadmap and design
  • Migration to different technology
  • Existing CMS to Sitefinity
  • Deliberate planning
  • Mapping and deployment
  • Enhance features
  • Migration testing
  • Redefine and manage workflow

We help integrate your existing CMS solutions with a wide range of systems and tools to synchronize information and processes from these systems together and maximize the value addition

  • Continuous maintenance and support
  • New releases, bug fixes and more
  • Targeted to content editors, marketers and managers
  • Streamline content management and workflow
  • Improve client services
  • Increased scalability and security
  • Enhanced user experience
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